Welcome to my BBQ Pit building stories....aka Man Chronicles...globalwarmingbbq.com...

This is my primative website...sound and noises on the way soon!

I have this strange hobby (along with others) of building BBQ Pits.

It all started about 25 years ago......
My first build was a made with a beer keg and then a box.

Started having family reunions and these things were multiplying like mushrooms......
There must have been at least 6 or 7 of these things in use.
Good and cheap......got a lot of folks cooking out.

Spent about 10 years with the Old Smokeys.
Life was simple.

Then things kind of got out of hand.
Saw a big old thing on a trailer and thought that I could do that.....and then this happened

Then the fever really got me....got me infected with BBQ pit building

There is no cure for the fever, it just keeps on burning. Look what happened next!

About the same time my brother told me about this thing called Craigslist!

That's when things really got out of hand.

Responed to a Craigslist ad from Ryan, he had some 500 gallon tanks, great shape, etc.
I bought one and

I heard a voice one day that said go to Craigslist... so I did.
and this is what happened...

The fire boxes from 1/2" plate......

Taking shape!

The fire box has the fire bricks in, grates with handles in, door handle on and locking wrench installed!

New push buttons arriving soon.....BBQ adventures!
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